Tourist office and Google Maps combined

The strength new media is best showed when it’s simplified and usable by anyone.. take google maps, most people know about it, use it on their computer but if you’re on the go.. they prefer a Tom Tom or other simple device during the trip.. 

What if you visit a new city you’ve never been before.. you want to go sightseeing and get the most out of your trip.. If that new city happens to be New York, go visit the tourism office and watch new technology come to life! Check the video (especially from 1:21min and onwards).

“While you’re in New York, stop by the brand new Official New York City Information Center at 810 Seventh Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets. The Information Center features interactive map tables, powered by the Google Maps API for Flash, that let you navigate venues and attractions as well as create personalized itineraries, which can be printed, emailed or sent to mobile devices. Additionally, there’s a gigantic video wall that utilizes Google Earth to display a 3D model of New York City on which you can map out personalized itineraries”

Can’t wait to check it out myself!