Free training?

Organizing a free training can give your business new customers, thats probably the idea behind free trainings seminars from Twice IT; you can follow a short course in exchange for some feedback on a blog.. So out of curiosity I attended the 3 hour Powershell course, and here’s my feedback ..

As said, the intention is offcourse to get more students for the courses they provide.. in light of that idea, my guess would be that the free courses show the attendees the best of the best so that they are enthousiastic when they leave the classroom.. determined to go back (after persuading their managers).. The presentation should be perfect (or almost) and in this case it wasn’t. There was a small agenda that did not hightlight the power of powershell and the slides were made within a very limited timeframe (I assume from the spelling erros on them). Waste of time? maybe not, you always learn even from the worst presentations.. In case they read this.. read on.. Tips:

Have a very good agenda, know what you want to talk about, get as many examples as you can for real life implementations and get your best trainers in front of the class with enthousiasm spirit and heart for the company.. only then you can win the souls of the attendees..