Day: February 27, 2009

Windows 2008R2 features part V: DHCP Split-scope

DHCP is the mechanism that gives most client these days the tools (ip address) for connectivity. Most companies however do not realize the importance of the DHCP service and do not cluster nor have another server as standby when the DHCP server fails. If the DHCP server fails, most clients will not receive a new ip address and will seize to work on the network. While clustering is improved in Windows 2008 and sort of made easy for administrators, most of them are reluctant to implement a failover cluster for DHCP. In Windows 2008 R2 we have Split-Scopes, remember the 80-20 rule for DHCP servers, it kinda the same, but then made easy. For this article we have a single domain controller and two Windows 2008R2 servers.

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