Server Core + network bindings

When you want to control the bindings on a network card in Server Core (2008R2), your stuck with the registry editor. So how do you A: know what binding you want to remove, B: where to locate it, C: to disable it..

A is easy.. you want to remove, File and Printer Sharing, Client for Microsoft Networks etc etc..

B: the bindings are located in two sections, to first look what’s installed go to:


When you configure Hyper-V networks, you must make sure to create them once, and only once.. else you will end up in great trouble. To get out.. use this manual

The problem I encountered was that my nic had previously been bound to a Hyper-V network and I wanted to connect it to a new network. No problem you say, except for the error message “Adapter is already bound to another virtual network”.

Normally you would open ncpa.cpl and go to the network adapter. Over there, de-select the binding for Hyper-V networks and click OK..In server core however this is much nicer!. (NOT!)

First we must get the network card ID:

Wmic nicconfig Description,SettingID

You will receive a list of all network adapters and their SettingID.. note the adapter you wish to use and copy the setting id

Start regedit and go to HKLMSystemCCSServicesVMSPLinkage

Double click the Bind entry.. and remove the SettingID noted earlier..

A reboot would be nice.. and you should be able to connect the networks to the appropriate NICs again

<<Update>> You can take a look at, that would make things easier.