SharePoint to retrieve data from two LDAP directories

So no posts for a long time, been busy though.. and the latest addition to this blogpost is about SharePoint. Who would have thought..

In my case the customer wanted to enrich the User profiles that came from Active Directory with Novell attributes that where in a central identity store. While SharePoint is capable of retrieving data from Novell eDirectory, the link between the user logging in and his/her profile is not established if the user uses his AD account to login to SharePoint. So we needed to figure out how we could enrich the data from Active Directory (the primary user profile in SharePoint) withdata from Novell. My colleague Remco Ottens was kind enough (and paid enough) to get this all working!..

So in basic we did the following: We created an AD connection in the user profile sync service as you would normally do. We imported the username, e-mail address and a specific attribute in this case the employeeID. Then we went into FIM Sync Manager and created a Novell connection to the eDirectory services. Now that we have two connectors, we can configure FIM to retrieve the dta from eDirectory and link the information based on the employeeID field to the user profile!

If you want more info on this config, contact me or Avanade Netherlands…

PS: Make sure the Novell eDirectory servers have the Enable Non-Standard Client Schema Compatible Mode enabled (attribute nonStdClientSchemaCompatMode per server). Else FIM will be unable to connect to the Novell directory services…