Day: June 16, 2016

Azure for the Enterprise

Congratulations!, you got your Enterprise Agreement enhanced with Azure!, now what’s next, you got activation emails and you want subscriptions, but who manages subscriptions? what if the company is rather complex and you don’t want the IT admin in charge of all subscriptions let alone view the company global spending on Azure services? In short, what about the Enterprise Governance on Azure in an EA enrollment?

Apart from each service on the cloud to follow a governance and security model, it is vital that the “cloud” entry points also follow a governance model as determined by the company. After all, while cloud can encompass many services, itself is a service too that generates invoices which need to be controlled to avoid abuse and to ensure oversight is added. In this chapter, we describe the Azure model with regards to governance..

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ImmutableID – mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid – ADConnect

The good thing about new software is that bugs and ‘features’ are removed.. the bad is that sometimes what ever you have blogged about makes either no sense, or even worse it only applies half to it from that point on.

So as AADSync was replaced by AD Connect, I got emails about the configuration of the mD-DS-ConsistencyGuid configuration in AD Connect not correctly working anymore. So, in order to relieve me from those email (you can still send them no worries) but more to make everyone aware of how this works in AD Connect (tested version; part two of the mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid as the immutable ID.

[update 21-Aug-2017: The latest version of Azure AD Connect have the functionality built-in to select the ImmutableID. There is no need to hack the rules manually anymore.. read more about it at:]

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