Month: April 2017

Add disks to VMs in Azure

Sometimes you have the need to add additional disks to VM’s in Azure.. and if you happen to manage a big farm of servers and all servers need to have additional disks, you find yourself in the portal a lot.. or in Powershell hacking your way through variables and collections..

This script will help you adding one or multiple disks to a single VM, all VM’s in a ResourceGroup or all VM’s in a ResourceGroup starting with a particular name Read more

Unused Azure Resource cleanup

When using Azure as your development platform, or to play with.. you eventually find yourself deleting resources 1 by 1 or entire resource groups.. cause when you delete a VM in ARM (the new portal), it deletes only the VM, but leaves the VHD, the NIC, the public IP, and NGS’s… so what if you could run a script that looks at the unused resources and deletes them for you?

well, look no further.. (but develop with me, based on) the initial script I wrote.. AzureCleanUp.ps1

<Last update April 2017>

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