Month: February 2019

ImmutableID – mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid – AADConnect – ADMT – part 3b

In part 3a, we explained how ADFS can be used in cross-forest migrations to ensure all users (migrated or not) can still authenticate. In part 3B we will be looking at Pass-Through authentication and how it affects migrated/non-migrated users. First of all, we need to make sure we have pass-through authentication agents deployed. In my […]

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ImmutableID – mS-DS-ConsistencyGuid – AADConnect – ADMT – part 3a

To continue our coverage of ADMT and AAD, part three of the series. I know I promised 3 articles, but given the amount of data, I’ll split part 3 (authentication) in a few more posts.. We have 1 AAD and 2 AD’s; FORESTOOT.local as the source and TARGET.local is still the target AD forest. There […]

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Managing Hyper-V Standalone with OSX

Hyper-V server is the free virtualization OS from Microsoft to compete head to head with the free ESXi OS. When running in large farms or domain joined, Hyper-V seems to work pretty decently. But when you just want a single host that you manage with Windows 10, or let alone MacOS, Hyper-V can become a […]

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