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Securing Wireless with WHS Part II

Some of you might be using Windows 7 already and have noticed that the Wireless solution for Windows Home Server does work well with Windows 7. In fact, the computer does not challenge the user for a username or password, but just tells you it cannot connect. This is because Windows 7 has a different default setting for WPA-Enterprise authentication to wireless networks. By default the client computer will try to authenticate the user including the computername. IAS warnings in the eventlog are a result of Windows 7 computers trying to authenticate.

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Improve Wireless security with Windows Home Server

Wireless networks are always less protected than wired LANs since they do not require physical access to a cable inside the building. Enterprises use 802.1x security to strengthen the security of the wireless network. With Windows Home server this is also possible. Prior to using the wireless network users are requested to fill in their username and password. Based on group membership the user is granted or denied the usage of the wireless network.

What we need:

  • Windows Home Server installed + DVD
  • Wireless Access Point with 802.1x support
  • Client with Windows XP or Windows Vista

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