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BGP Filters in Juniper

So, this topic might be a bit too short for you, and I’m sure your BGP filters in your SRX are way more advanced. But for the simpler people like me that just need to get something done; this one is for you. When I did the AnyCast DNS setup using BGP at home and […]

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USG VPN’s and Dynamic IP’s

Running a Unifi USG gateway does have its challenges every now and then. One of my friends asked me how I would solve the problem of dynamic IP addresses being used in a S2S VPN configuration. Now normally, when you look at the USG documentation, if the S2S is managed by a single USG controller […]

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Azure P2S VPN with MFA

As Microsoft enabled the Radius option in the Azure Gateway VPN configuration, it now means you can enable MFA on your P2S connections! There is a caveat however. It only works if you have replicated your users from an Active Directory into Azure Active Directory. If you have cloud-only user, it doesn’t work (yet..) I’ll […]

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Azure Stack Development Kit – Connecting to subscription networks through the host

I know that many of my posts are about networking icw a Juniper SRX… as I happen to have one. But what if you don’t have such a “sophisticated” device that can handle multiple virtual routers, BGP and all the other stuff. Well I could say, buy one from e-bay.. but let’s see if I […]

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How to connect to Azure Services

When deploying services in Azure, the connection to those services is important. Some services might require public access, while for other services you want to have a more private connection.. this post goes into the different options.. and what to take into account when connecting to services deployed in Azure.. Within Azure there is a […]

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Redundant SRX Junos to Azure VPN with VNET Peering

Ever since playing with BGP I was looking for a way to make redundant tunnels. As the local internet provider here would only allow me a single IP address, I looked at the other side. What if we have two Azure regions that have a VPN tunnel to my SRX and between each other. Routing would be dealt with by BGP and thus, I should be able to connect to both VNET’s through each of the VPN tunnels.

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Azure 3rd party firewalls and VPN

A lot of customers on Azure want to use the 3rd party firewalls that are available in the Azure Marketplace. But when it comes to Site2Site VPN connections, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected. Especially when using different vendors on-premises.. Why? let’s find out…

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Checkpoint with Azure VPN (new version)

These are my notes on the newer Checkpoint VPN stuff.. but still working on actually testing them.. – I put a 2016 date on it to remove it from the main page.. Seems the MSS clamping on Azure VPN’s needs to be 1350, my PPPOE adapter needed to be 1492 for du Connections. Note: MTU […]

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Azure Networking S2S + P2S

In a previous post we looked at the ability of creating a Site-2-Site connection from Checkpoint to Azure using a Dynamic Gateway. In this post, we look at client-dialup (VPN) into the Azure network and establish routing between all the sites involved.

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Azure VPN with Checkpoint FW

In this post, how to configure a Site2Site VPN connecting using a Checkpoint firewall.

[EDIT: The instructions below are for R77, which is a really old version. I’m currently writing the instructions for the R80.20 version, but it seems it’s a bit harder to get the S2S tunnel up and stable.. certainly on my PPPOE internet connection… more updates soon!

But in case you still want to make this work, please check this hidden article with my notes.. that have not been validated yet! [/EDIT]

While http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/dn133795.aspx tells you how to create the Site2Site VPN, the firewall part only covers Juniper or Cisco appliances. As I do not own such a device, I got to work on the Checkpoint together with Syed Pasha.

Below the network overview…

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